Thursday, February 21, 2013

MCT Superfood Bar

MCT = medium chain triglycerides or MCFA = medium chain fatty acids.

These saturated fats found in large amount in coconut oil do not have negative effect on cholesterol – they were shown to lower the risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis. They are metabolised immediately for energy and do not need emulsification (which is done by releasing bile from the gall bladder). Coconut oil is therefore suitable for people without gall bladder and with weaker liver and compromised digestive function. Lauric acid changes to monolaurin, which is known to destroy viruses, bacteria and fungus. 

One-day portion for one adult - makes 3 bars or 6 small sweets.
Virgin coconut oil
3-4 TBSP
MCT fats – lauric, caprylic and capric acid – easily digestible, antimicrobial, immune supporting – similar amount of these fats is known only in breast milk.
Walnuts or other nuts and seeds
- handful
Walnuts have balanced amount of omega 3 and 6 with anti-inflammatory action. All nuts and seeds are high in minerals such as magnesium, zinc, copper and are good source of fibre and also contain some protein.
Carob powder 1 tsp
Helps to lower absorption of heavy metals from food.
Cacao (optional)
½ tsp
Stimulant action. Contains minerals such as magnesium and polyphenols
Bee pollen
Supports endocrine (hormonal) balance and re-charges adrenals. High nutritional density.
Himalayan salt
- pinch
Helps to form and release digestive juices. Balances fatty taste. Do not add if using Seagreens powder.
Dried fruit i.e. dates 1 TBSP
As a sweetener, source of fibre and minerals.
Honey (optional)
1 tsp
As a sweetener. Raw honey supports immunity and its antimicrobial.
Oats 1 TBSP
Added mainly to bulk up the bar – source of fibre, protein, B-vits and minerals.
Green powders
1 tsp altogether
Spirulina, chlorella, Barley grass, kelp, Seagreens ..Alkalising, detoxifying, high nutrition density.
Other powders
1 tsp
Depending on your needs – Slippery Elm good to calm inflamed gut, maca is hormone-booster, Reishi is immune supportive …


1. Put coconut oil in Pyrex or metal dish and place on top of the pot with hot boiled water and leave to melt down. 

2. Crush down nuts or seeds in mortar. Can be briefly ground or chopped. 

3. Chop the dried fruit to small pieces. 

4. Mix all the ingredients together. 

5. Spread the mass on grease-proof paper and form about 1.5 cm thick, even layer. 

6. Cover up and place in the fridge, leave to cool down and harden for at least 20 min.

7. Cut to required pieces, keep cool, especially in hot weather or warm room. Coconut oil melts at 24-25C.


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