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Please contact me by email:    katka071@yahoo.com

Professional qualification



Registered member of The Association of Naturopathic Practitioners and the General Naturopathic Council


Previous education


  • Biological/Biomedical Sciences and Higher Advanced Chemistry from the Stevenson College (now part of Edinburgh College)
  • BHOS P401 certificate in Asbestos identification by polarised microscopy 
  • Masters degree in Geography, Mathematics and Education from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University Bratislava  


If you wish to know more...

After a difficult year in my life struggling with fatigue, bouts of complete exhaustion and various pains, I learned there was no appropriate therapy available within existing health services. There was no complex testing or consultation offered and I was left without much help, hardly able to walk or even sit. For a science-orientated person with analytical mind, this was no acceptable option. Instead of giving up I evaluated my life choices and alternatives, and enrolled in the College Of Naturopathic Medicine.

During this time of demanding study, my health unfortunately deteriorated even more and it became obvious I had to give up my previous career completely. The study was possible thanks to its flexible schedule and I also had the best motivation in the world - to learn how to get better! But for me, the real study and research started only after the graduation - when my energy and stamina improved to such extent I could fully tackle this very complex subject of health and medicine. By taking on a limited number of clients I spend large part of my time researching and taking part in continuous professional education.

Sometime people ask me, how can I help my clients if my own health is not perfect? On which I usually answer that there is no person who has more passion and also experience in restoring the health than the one who have already lost it. 

My passion for getting and staying healthy and returning to previous activities reflects in continuous research of both science and traditional wisdom, finding the best ways and tricks nutrition has to offer to sort various issues. I continue diving deep into functional medicine, which is bridging traditional medicine, nutrition, modern testing and alternative therapies. 

Last but not least, my own constant need to keep myself functioning as optimally as possible is helping me to have strong understanding, compassion and empathy for other people with health problems and also for those healthy ones who wish to stay that way for as long as possible.