Thursday, March 26, 2015


Most of people think top science is focused on space travel or Mars right now, but one of the biggest UNDISCOVERED places for humans is our own digestive tract.

Evidence is showing the state of our intestinal microbiota (type, number and balance of good & bad bacteria) will have clear and direct impact on our health, including switching on and off our genes. Microbiota growing in our bellies will have effect on our nervous and hormonal system, weight, brain health, ability to think or relax, and ability of our immune system to cope with virtually any illness. What bacterial colonies will be present depend on what we (or our parents) did, do or don't do in our life.

Two of things which can be changing your microbiota right now - and in a very negative way  - are gluten and toxins. Including toxins we took in from vaccines in our early childhood.

Therefore I believe these subjects are worth paying very close attention to. To make it easier for you to catch up with the vast knowledge available today, here is my collection of video recordings about hot subjects of gluten, brain and vaccines.

Nutritional therapy is one of the best ways how to address discussed issues, how to support toxin detox and gut health. Bacteria will survive almost anything, it can mutate and change. To alter microbiota to serve your health and not illness, can therefore be a lengthy process requiring focus and patience. Nutriwellness Virtual Coaching system offers support, time and basically daily guidance to help you to achieve this.

Are you ready to change your bugs ?

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Source: Wikipedia: GLUTEN


2.03 min video
Untreated Celiac Disease Dims the Brain, Can Lead to Underachievement!

0.44 min
Celiac disease and Alzheimer’s

1.13 min
A Large Forehead Can Be a Sign of Celiac Disease 

4.58 min
Dr. Tom O'Bryan - Identifying & Conquering Gluten Sensitivity 

4.31 min
The Difference Between Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity 

1.33 min
Diagnosing the Early Stages of Celiac Disease: Biopsy No Longer a Gold Standard 

1.20 min
Celiac Disease and Related Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders 

0.48 min
Family History of ANY Autoimmune Disease? Consider a Gluten-Related Disorder 

11.51 min
Top 5 Things You Didn't Know about Gluten!

4.40 min
Gluten Free Diet Mistake #1 


1 hour
Alessio Fasano, MD
Spectrum of Gluten-Related Disorders: PEOPLE SHALL NOT LIVE BY BREAD ALONE





9.43 min
Top 5 Foods for Brain Health!

49 min
Dr. Russell Blaylock: How Nutrition Affects Our Brain and Behaviour

1 hour
Dr. Jeff Senechal - An advanced lecture on brain health



Source: Alliance for Human Research Protection

25 min.
Dr. Suzanne Humphries talks about problems with vaccines safety and the integrity of medical system. She is a highly educated medical doctor practising internal medicine and nephrology.

8 min.
Never Lose a Vaccine Argument Again! Proof they cause Autism and Auto-immune Disease by – also useful to read a website link ‘Diapers’ to learn about Elimination Communication with babies.

2 hour
The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic lecture goes through the less-known history of vaccination and connection to autoimmune diseases and other health problems, from Dr. R Tent.


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