Consultations & coaching

SPECIAL PACKAGES for  2020 - see at the end!



FLEXIBILITY - no need to book any appointments or travel

NO STRESS or HURRY – take your time, there is enough deadlines in life
FREQUENCY – email me anytime
TIME & SPACE to create bespoke plans for you, which can be adjusted further
QUESTIONS can be asked by e-mail (and you will have a written record of it)



1) A reasonably frequent use of an email, ideally on laptop, tablet (with larger screen)

2) Allocation of some time for yourself, usually up to 2 hours per week

3) Willingness to learn and change some habits

For children and elderly, another adult can act as a mediator.


1. Knowing you (health history, food habits, struggles, goals)

A fully completed questionnaire with a minimum 5-day food diary will be essential to submit as it is a first step towards opening up or recognizing a health problem.

The questionnaires will be sent to you by e-mail to fill in, usually in Word (docx) format.

Processing of the information (analysis) can take from 2 days to 2 weeks after submitting the questionnaires, depending on each case and my work-load. I may ask additional questions via e-mail during this period.

2. Specific Steps (creating a plan of action)

To find our way out of the complexity functional nutritional therapy often brings, I will be outlining specific steps to follow in given time. You will receive detailed table of the recommended foods, supplements or tests.

Clearing confusions and contradicting information present all over the Internet is often the subject of our coaching. Finding scientifically valid and quality information about diets and nutrition may become an important part of the coaching. I can show you how to look at information in the media and not to be swayed by the latest fad diet, product or out-of-context statistics.

3. Testing

Functional medicine & nutrition is all about testing! The more tests taken, the more accurate and effective the nutrition plan can be. I am aware of high price of private testing and therefore try to choose this carefully. Most tests are home-based but some can be taken at the NHS practice (depending on your GP or phlebotomist).

4. Supplement Programme

Most of the professional range supplements are available through the practitioner reference website. These are usually higher quality and specifically formulated by fellow nutritionists. I do not, anymore, recommend supplements freely available. There were some bad news about supplements and most of them were due to inappropriate composition or dosages. Final decision about purchase of any recommended product will always be up to you.

5. Following the Plan and feedback

On-going discussion via e-mail will be encouraged and helpful to monitor progress and overcome any difficulties you may have.



- analysis of  Health questionnaire (Four Pillars of Health)
- assessment of your 3-day Food Diary
- personalised Plan of Action (steps to take)
- upgrade to Coaching later on!

PLEASE NOTE - the BASIC plan is not recommended if you have complicated medical conditions and/or are taking prescriptions and/or if numerous tests results need to be looked at and taken into account.

BASIC PLAN with HAIR MINERAL  TEST consultation... £140


TEST RESULTS INTERPRETING (if done elsewhere)... £35


BESPOKE FOOD PLAN  7-days... £65

- suitable for those taking FoodPrint Elisa test for IgG food allergies/intolerances or with known dietary restrictions who need help with meal planning and bespoke recipes


3-MONTHS COACHING initial... £250*

3-MONTHS COACHING follow up... £190

- analysis of comprehensive Health questionnaire
- assessment of your 7-day Food Diary
- personalised Plan of Action (food and supplements)
- unlimited email contact and follow up conversations
- recipe tips, education materials, or whatever support is appropriate to your case...
- tests recommendations and their interpretation
- follow up and tweaking the supplement plans

*Family member discount  for the INITIAL coaching only.
30% adults
50% children up to 16 y.o.