Thursday, June 4, 2020

Is our immune system irrelevant in this pandemic?

"Why do USA Today, CDC and WHO want the public to believe that there’s absolutely nothing they can do to protect themselves against SARS-CoV-2?
Why do they want us to think our immune system is irrelevant when it comes to preventing and/or surviving COVID-19? Could it be because they want you to feel helpless enough to want a vaccine?"

My collection of immune system "kryptonites"

Human microbiota consist of many bacteria, viruses, fungi and even parasites which live with us peacefully, keeping us healthy and training our immune system to be active and balanced. Only this way, we can be strong enough to face any new or opportunistic pathogen. Isolation and distancing from other human beings, plus constant disinfection, should also be added to my picture (which was put together years before the latest virus threat).

Saturday, May 23, 2020

A damage to the microbiota will also damage our immunity

An excellent video with Dr. Zach Buch, MD on Highwire,
It is all about MICROBIOME, including VIROME! Must watch for those who want to see the bigger picture and fully acknowledge "we are full of bugs" and only a regular exposure to "life" without overuse of disinfectants, chemicals, pesticides (and masks, shields, and never-ending distancing) can train our immune system correctly.
The bottom line is, if we avoid interaction with each other for extended periods of times while healthy, we will not be ready when the real bad one comes.