Naturopathy & nutrition

Naturopathic medicine goes back thousands of years and draws from wisdom of many great civilisations. Indian Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and Greek philosophy (Hippocrates), all promote use of foods as medicine. Intuitive and traditional understanding and use of good nutrition have always been connected to vibrant health and longevity.

Naturopathy believes in our bodys’ self-healing and self-regenerating ability. It encourages finding the underlying cause of ill health, rather than suppressing symptoms. Symptoms are seen as the way our body communicates to us to take action. We can help by nurturing and nourishing, resting or moving, or maybe changing the way we think.

Quality foods, nutrients and avoiding of toxins are considered a powerful way to support healthy physical body, encourage clear mind and balance mood. Today, naturopathic nutrition is an integrative part of science-based functional medicine, and is shown to have impact on reversing poor health, from as little as reducing severity of a single symptom to gaining whole new vitality.

Examples of conditions known to be helped by nutrition therapy:

Chronic conditions
Inflammation and pain
Allergies and intolerances
Depression, Stress, Anxiety
Sleep problems
Diabetes and Blood Sugar Imbalance
Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue
Female Health 
Hormonal problems
Migraines and Headaches
Skin problems


I learned about naturopathic nutrition and gained my qualification from the College of Naturopathic Medicine which is one of the UK’s largest, highly-respected and well-known natural-medicine training providers, with colleges in London, Belfast, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh, and Manchester.

Modern nutritional therapies are based on principles of functional medicine, which integrate wise traditions with modern science and extensive testing. If you are interested in recent development of functional medicine try search Archives of Functional Forum.