Consultations & coaching


  • flexibility - no need to book appointments or travel
  • frequent contact depending on your requirements
  • unlimited questions can be asked by e-mail 
  • you will have a written record of our 'talks'
  • Skype, phone and even personal contact can be arranged
  • space & time to adjust and tweak your Nutritional Plan

REQUIREMENTS - regular access to Internet and emails

1. Entry questionnaire

A completed questionnaire with a minimum 5-day food diary will be essential to submit by all new clients. This detailed 9-page questionnaire will be sent to you by e-mail and it is a first step in your coaching aimed towards opening up and facing a problem, a fitness challenge or a health condition.

2. Analysis 

Processing of the information sent can take from 2 days to 2 weeks after I receive the questionnaires, depending on each individual case and my work-load. This includes finding possible triggers and how to address them, commenting your Food Diary and putting together tests recommendation. You will receive a SYMPTOM ANALYSIS RESULTS, recommended tests, leaflets and some early outline of Nutrition Plan suggestions. I will usually ask a number of additional questions via e-mail during this period.

3. Nutritional Plan of Action

As an outcome of previous analysis I will create the following:
An easy-to-read table of the main goals and recommended foods
Example of food diary with easy-to-prepare meals
Suggested tests and supplements
Other recommended techniques or therapies


Although the major part of nutritional strategy, naturopathic therapy is not just about food. There are other lifestyle factors influencing intake of nutrients and anti-nutrients and efficacy of their use by our bodies. 
You are not only what you eat... but also what you digest & absorb…


Finding out how toxins are affecting our health can be very frustrating - we are living in a polluted world. Good news is, there is a lot we can do right now to lower our toxic load and support our bodys' detox.

Toxin overload  &  Nutritional deficiencies ... can be even bigger problem than food alone and it has to be addressed as a priority.


Stress (either internal, external or hidden) can dramatically affect our health and biochemical pathways. If we do not address this aspect of our lives, the progress may be slow. Nutrition therapy can focus on balancing blood sugar levels or correction of deficiencies which are important in stress response. These interventions can support ability of our body to deal with challenges of our lives. Sometimes this may not be enough and I reach outside of nutritional therapy box to suggest other techniques or therapies.

4. Supplement Programme

Nutrient-rich foods, plants and herbs have ability to influence the biochemical processes of our bodies in a gentle, long term way. However, in our fast-moving, toxic world of mineral-depleted soils, there is ever-increasing need to boost our micronutrients intake using quality food-based and wholefood supplements.  Professional range supplements are available through practitioner reference website. You will receive a detailed table with recommendations. Final decision and purchase of any product will always be up to you.

5. Following the Plan and feedback 

On-going discussion via e-mail will be encouraged and helpful to monitor progress and overcome any difficulties you may have. This may include creating personalised recipes and re-adjusting Plan or Supplements according to the new test results.


In range of £40 - £210, details sent on request.