A list of my favorite videos I believe deal with important (or hot) issues. My opinion is not black & white about any of them, there are always new findings coming in and old myths being broken. Functional medicine and nutrition is flexible, critical, analytical, person-focused and as much science-based as science can be good or bad.

Great information for those who prefer watching and listening to reading or as a motivation to research further. Enjoy!



2.03 min
Untreated Celiac Disease Dims the Brain, Can Lead to Underachievement!

0.44 min
Celiac disease and Alzheimer’s

1.13 min
A Large Forehead Can Be a Sign of Celiac Disease 

4.58 min
Dr. Tom O'Bryan - Identifying & Conquering Gluten Sensitivity 

4.31 min
The Difference Between Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity 

1.33 min
Diagnosing the Early Stages of Celiac Disease: Biopsy No Longer a Gold Standard 

1.20 min
Celiac Disease and Related Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders 

0.48 min
Family History of ANY Autoimmune Disease? Consider a Gluten-Related Disorder 

11.51 min
Top 5 Things You Didn't Know about Gluten!

4.40 min
Gluten Free Diet Mistake #1 


1 hour
Alessio Fasano, MD
Spectrum of Gluten-Related Disorders: PEOPLE SHALL NOT LIVE BY BREAD ALONE





1 hour 32 min

FUNCTIONAL FORUM - Holistic Psychiatry (H. Cass) and Functional Neurology (D. Kharrazian)

9.43 min
Top 5 Foods for Brain Health!

49 min
Dr. Russell Blaylock: How Nutrition Affects Our Brain and Behaviour

1 hour
Dr. Jeff Senechal - An advanced lecture on brain health



Source: Alliance for Human Research Protection

25 min.
Dr. Suzanne Humphries talks about problems with vaccines safety and the integrity of medical system. She is a highly educated medical doctor practising internal medicine and nephrology.

2 hour
The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic lecture goes through the less-known history of vaccination and connection to autoimmune diseases and other health problems, from Dr. R Tent.



Dr. R. Tent Lectures:
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