Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fertility telesummit

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Every day this week, the seminars are free for 24 hours but there is an option to buy this information recorded with some bonuses.

I have so far listened about fertility massage and it was really good, not only for women who want to become pregnant ..

Here is a link to short self-massage video

M Glenville was talking about nutrition and she has good, easy to read books about subject of PCOS and infertility:
"Natural Solution to PCOS"
"Natural Solutions to Infertility"

Interesting facts from the book "Natural Solutions to Infertility"

  • Drinking as little as one cup of coffee a day decreases your fertility and can halve your chance of conceiving.

  • Caffeine delays conception. Several studies have shown that women who drink coffee find it three times as difficult to conceive within a year as those not drinking it.
How much caffeine is in your diet?  Check it here


Monday 11th February
12pm Pacific | 3pm Eastern | 8pm UK
Hethir Rodriguez - The 5 Most Popular Ways To Boost
Your Fertility Naturally

2pm Pacific | 5pm Eastern | 10pm UK
Sarah Holland - The Emotional Aspects of Infertility
and Their Role in Pregnancy Success

Tuesday 12th February
12pm Pacific | 3pm Eastern | 8pm UK
Clare and Donovan Blake - How to Balance Hormones
& Optimise the Function of the Torso for Fertility Using
Fertility Massage & Exercise

2pm Pacific | 5pm Eastern | 10pm UK
The Fertility Reflexology Network - How Reflexology
Can Support Your Fertility

Wednesday 13th February
12pm Pacific | 3pm Eastern | 8pm UK
Dr Marilyn Glenville - How to Use Nutrition and Natural
Remedies to Treat PCOS

2pm Pacific | 5pm Eastern | 10pm UK
Andrew Loosely - Taking Control of Your Fertility: The
3 Most Important Steps to Take for Successful Natural
and IVF Conception and Pregnancy

Thursday 14th February - please note earlier times due to Valentine's Day!

10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern | 6pm UK
Jill Roberts - How to Keep Your Relationship Alive
Through Infertility

12pm Pacific | 3pm Eastern | 8pm UK
Sue Dumais - Nurturing Your Relationship & Feeding
Your Soul on your Fertility Journey

Friday 15th February
12pm Pacific | 3pm Eastern | 8pm UK
Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer - Practical Ways to Manage
Your Emotions and Feel Good When Trying to Conceive

2pm Pacific | 5pm Eastern | 10pm UK
Gabriela Rosa - How to Boost Your Fertility and Improve
Your Chances of Having a Healthy Baby After 40

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